2005.01.10 回台北家中

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1/10/05 3:50pm Taipei home

There's so much to reflect upon this week. After returning back to Taipei, I've been busy still shooting more music videos. In this day and age, music videos have become a very important product not only for the music lover but also for the record company who now consider it part of the main product line. It helps "sell" the song and artist but, for me, its importance is in presenting a visual explanation of the lyrics and concept of the song. Honestly, the making of a music video is probably one of the least enjoyable parts of being an artist because often times there are so many compromises and things I cannot control. I've considered directing my own music video before but I would save that opportunity till I'm totally ready and prepared rather than seem like a dilettante dabbling in things amateurishly. There has been some discussion in the forums about the title of the album (The Great Leap) as well as the first single, "Ghost", which some of you may have already heard. The main point I would like to address is the album and single's concept and the controversy that is now beginning to grow. Many of you have been guessing why we came up with "The Great Leap 太平盛世 ?"? as the album's title and one person even commented why I hadn't "learned a lesson" and still continue to write songs that may be sensitive or controversial. To answer your queries, it's simply because I care about these issues that I write about and they are a part of my life and being. What else should I write about then? Should I not write about certain topics even though I feel strongly towards them just because it’s dangerous or taboo? I don't write about things to stir controversy but to ask questions and to stimulate discussion and thought amongst the people who listen to my music. Of course, I understand there are "consequences" but what's more important to me is to push for what I believe is right. This is my personal mission statement and philosophy. "The Great Leap " as an album and concept is sarcastic and paradoxical in many respects as many of you have already commented on. There is no correct or incorrect interpretation or understanding of what I'm trying to express because people will have their own feeling and viewpoint. That kind of diversity and difference in perspective is a good thing though as it's already generating a lot of interaction and discussion in our forums. I urge you to continuously ask questions in life in search of what the truth is and not just always blindly accept what’s handed to you. My record company, EMI Records and I have been planning a trip in conjunction with some disaster relief groups to possibly visit the disaster areas caused by the tsunami. I'm hoping this trip can take place after Chinese New Year but it mainly depends on the disease, security and contamination situation in those afflicted areas. For now, we can only continue to send our love and prayers to those in need on the wings of angels. I have not had as much time as I'd like to read everything you've written in the forums. I do try to log on for at least 20 minutes each day to see what you've been talking about and sharing with each other. Again, I think to myself everyday how lucky I am to have such wonderful, caring, responsible and intelligent fans and supporters such as you in my life. I truly cherish 你們的用心? and how closely you follow my music, thoughts and feelings. I used to worry that my music and person would not be completely understood but after seeing all your comments, thoughts and interaction that concern has gone away. I only hope I can continue to make music from my heart without compromise that will not disappoint you. In less than two weeks, the new album will be out on shelves worldwide and I'm just as excited as many of you are about its release. See you all next week.


2005年1月10日 下午 3點50分 回台北家中

這個禮拜我想了有很多事情。回到台北之後,我還是在忙著拍更多的音樂錄影帶。當今的音樂錄影帶不只對愛樂者來說是一項重要的產品,唱片公司更把它視為公司生產線上的主要產品之一。它有助於「行銷」歌曲與藝人本身,但是對我來說,它的重要性乃在於可以藉由影像語言詮釋樂曲的詞意與概念。說實在的,身為一個藝人,拍音樂錄影帶對我來說是最無趣的,因為過程裡有太多的妥協與我無法掌控的事物。我以前曾經考慮要自己執導音樂錄影帶,但是在我尚未完全準備好之前,我還是先保留這個機會,我不想讓自己看起來像個只懂皮毛卻愛裝腔作勢的半調子。 在官網論壇上有一些關於新專輯名稱「太平盛世(The Great Leap)」與單曲 “鬼(Ghost)”的討論。我這裡主要想講的是關於專輯與單曲的概念與開始衍生的爭議。你們很多人都在臆測為何要把「太平盛世(The Great Leap)」當作專輯名稱,甚至有人說我為什麼還不「學乖(learn a lesson)」,仍然要寫出這些敏感而飽受爭議的歌曲?答案很簡單,因為作品裡牽涉的議題都是我關心的,而且它們也是我生活與存在的部份。不然我還要寫什麼呢?難道只要有危險或者是禁忌,我就不應該寫這些我有強烈興趣的主題嗎?我寫歌並非要挑起任何爭端,我只想問問題,我只想在我的聽眾間激發討論與思考。當然,我知道這會有一些「後遺症」,但是對我來說,更重要的是要去推動我認為是真確的信念。這是我個人的使命與人生觀。就像你們很多人所論說的一樣,「太平盛世(The Great Leap)」作為專輯名稱,其概念在很多面向都是諷刺且矛盾的。所有關於我想要傳遞的專輯主旨的體認與解讀,並無法被論斷為對或錯,因為每個人都可以有自己的感覺與觀點。就像在我們的論壇上所引發的許多互動與討論一樣,能有如此多元而歧異的看法可是美事一樁啊!我鼓勵大家在生命中不斷提問,探索什麼才是真理,而不要只是一味盲從。 我的唱片公司EMI跟我正在籌備一個行程,將與某些救災團體結合前往援助遭受南亞海嘯重創的災區。我希望這可以在農曆新年過後成行,但主要還是得視當地的疾病疫情、安全性與傳染狀況而定。目前,我們只能繼續藉由天使的雙翼將愛與祈福送給需要的人。 我希望有足夠的時間讓我可以閱讀你們在論壇的所有留言。我試著每天至少登入20分鐘看看你們彼此在談論或分享些什麼。再次的,我每天都會自覺我是個何等幸運的人啊!在我的生命裡可以擁有像你們這麼棒、這麼貼心、有責任感而聰明的歌迷與支持者。我真的十分珍惜你們的用心,你們願意如此貼近我的音樂、想法與感覺。我曾經擔心我的音樂與為人無法被完全了解,但在看過你們的留言、你們的想法與互動之後,這些憂慮便隨之煙消雲散了。我只希望我可以毫不妥協地繼續用我的心做出讓你們不會失望的音樂。 在不到兩個星期的時間,新專輯就要全球同步上市了,我跟你們許多人一樣對此備感興奮。所有人,我們下週再見。

on my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me as i walked through the subway

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