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January 22, 2005 1:47 am

My day is about to end though from another perspective it is about to begin. I have just finished "The Great Leap" press conference in HK and returned back to my hotel room. I'm finally alone after being surrounded by my company and media for most of the day. I am quite tired though there is a "high" and rush still within my body and mind. I don't think I can yet give you a summary of my feelings and emotions on today's events but I can give you brief rundown of what happened today. I haven't had any time to eat dinner today so after I came back from the events I had some spaghetti. Eating late is something I rarely do or like to do because it's unhealthy and a burden for your already tired body. But I'm a bit hungry and don't want to sleep on an empty stomach so I'll have to break the rules tonight. The reason why I said my day is about to end is because I'm finally going to bed now. The reason why I said it's about to begin is because I need to wake up around 5am (I can only sleep about 3 hours!) as I have to catch the earliest flight to Beijing in the morning. I'm not so much worried about not getting enough sleep more so than the fact that I don't have enough rest to recover from this annoying cough I've been having. My morning began well as I had a nice breakfast and then went to the gym for about an hour. I slept well though I wish I didn't sleep so late yesterday (3am). Sometimes you get enough hours of sleep but because it's so too late the quality of sleep is compromised. I put in a nice workout and felt quite fresh afterwards. After that, I ate a small lunch and then proceeded to meet with one group of media and press members in a nice presidential suite upstairs from my room. It went well and we all had a nice chat about the album and my feelings about it. They hadn't heard the album in it's entirety so many of the questions were general though I did share with them quite a bit about why I wrote certain songs and what happened in my life during this past year. After that, it was time to leave the hotel and head over to Times Square to standby for the press conference. After arriving at the venue, I met up with the hosts and press conference production team to go over the rundown and details of the show. Of course, I had to use the restroom (my style!) a few times and then I was ready for show time! The press conference went well and it was great to see all the wonderful fans there from HK, China and possibly other parts of the world. It was a live broadcast so many people from all around the world were watching. I haven't seen my fans and friends in HK for quite some time and it was really touching to see them. Like them, however, I was a bit disappointed I couldn't spend more time chatting or interacting. Sometimes, it's really difficult to interact with the fans and audience because of the environment and situation. Often times, as much as I would love to, I can't even walk down the stage and shake their hands because of security reasons. People panic, get excited and start pushing and before you know it people are getting hurt. Media and press from five regions including HK, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore were there which made things exciting yet challenging for all of us. It was truly a first to have so much media gather in HK for an album press conference! The show went smoothly and I just hope all the attendees had a good time. Now, after the "show", came the hard work which most of you never will see or know about. I shouldn't call it "hard work" as it isn't painful or entirely without gratification but it is indeed quite demanding mentally and physically. What I'm talking about is the interview part of the entire press conference rundown. That part usually occurs after the "onstage show presentation" where I meet all the media and press members one group at a time for either group or one on one interviews. In today's case, we met up with four groups of media each representing one region (Singapore, HK, China and Malaysia-we had already met up with the Taiwan media earlier in the day. Each group was allotted approximately 45 minutes give or take a bit. Do the math and you'll realize I had to talk non-stop often repeating myself for virtually 3 hours! It's especially difficult to concentrate when you are hungry and have a cough. There were points where my voice would simply constrict and I just couldn't talk. Mind you, at the same time, people around me were talking, eating, taking photos, walking around yet I have to remain focused and totally in tune to what I was being asked or what I was trying to say. After these interviews, we had to do a few more TV show interviews to cap it all off. We finished around 12 midnight and by that time my mind was simply a blank. As we drove out of the Times Square parking lot, I couldn't help but notice some fans still standing outside waiting for me. I felt a bit sad and bad that I couldn't stop and talk with them as the car drove off. Fans can often misconstrue these situations as their artist not caring about them but often it's just that the environment and situation doesn't allow for any interaction. I hope you guys understand that I do appreciate your efforts and that I'll reciprocate your love through my music.



這一天就要結束了,然而從另一個角度來看,它其實正要開始。我剛剛結束了在「太平盛世」香港記者會的工作,從現場回到了飯店房間。被唱片公司與媒體包圍一整天之後,我終於可以獨自清靜一下了。雖然我整個人還是有點「High」、有點亢奮,然而事實上,我真的很累。關於今天的這場活動,我可能無法跟你們詳細述說我的感覺與情緒,但是至少我可以跟你們聊聊今天發生的一些事情。我今天根本沒有時間吃晚餐,於是從活動現場回來之後,我吃了一些義大利麵。我很少也很不喜歡這麼晚吃飯,因為這樣很不健康,對已經筋疲力盡的身體更是一種沈重的負擔。但是我真的有點餓,更不想空腹入眠,所以今晚只好破例了。 之所以說「要結束了」,因為我現在終於可以上床睡覺了;之所以說「正要開始」,因為我必須在清晨5點起床(我大概只能睡3個小時!)才能趕上最早的班機飛往北京。我並不怎麼擔心睡眠不足,其實反而是我這個惱人的咳嗽會因為缺乏足夠的休息而無法痊癒。 今天早上我有個不錯的開始,先是吃了一頓美味的早餐,之後又去健身房做了一個小時的運動。雖然我昨夜並不想這麼晚才睡(凌晨3點),但我睡得很沈。有時候即使睡眠時間充足,但是由於太晚睡,睡眠品質變會大打折扣。做完運動之後,我感到神清氣爽、精力充沛。簡單用過午飯,我開始在我樓上的總統套房,跟一群電子與平面媒體的記者進行訪談。訪談進行得很順利,我們都聊得很開心,談到了關於這張專輯以及我自己對這張專輯的感覺。他們都還沒有完整聽過整張專輯,所以大部分的問題都很籠統,但是我還是很認真地跟他們分享某些歌曲創作的緣由,以及去年生活裡發生的點點滴滴。結束之後便離開飯店,前往時代廣場為記者會預作準備。 抵達會場,我先跟主持人與記者會的製作小組碰面,仔細檢視了整個活動的流程與細節。當然,在準備好上台之前,我都會先上好幾次的洗手間(我的個人風格!)記者會很成功,最棒的是可以在現場看到來自香港、中國內地及其他地方的歌迷。透過現場實況轉播,世界各地的許多人都在同步觀賞。有很長一段時間,我沒有跟香港的歌迷與朋友碰面,此時能夠見到他們,真的讓我相當感動。可是,跟他們一樣的,我也有點失望,因為沒有更多的時間可以跟大家互動交流。由於環境與情境的限制,有時候實在很難跟歌迷與觀眾有所互動。雖然我很希望,但是更多的時候基於安全考量,我並無法下台跟歌迷握手致意。因為人群這時會騷動、興奮甚至開始推擠,而通常當你發現狀況不妙的時候,就是已經有人受傷了。 來自香港、台灣、內地、馬來西亞和新加坡等5個地區的媒體能夠齊聚一堂固然令人興奮,但對我們來說也是個挑戰。第一次有專輯發行記者會邀請了這麼多媒體前來香港。活動很順利,我希望所有參加的來賓都很開心。 「秀」結束了,但是另一項你們前所未見、未知的艱鉅工程正在我的眼前。或許我不應該用「艱鉅工程」來形容這件事,畢竟它並不痛苦,至少並不是枯燥乏味,但這件事確實讓我的身心倍感吃力。我要提的這件事就是記者會流程裡的媒體訪問。這個部份通常是在「舞台發表」之後才舉行,這時我必須跟各家電子與平面媒體(可能是對一組人或是一對一)的記者同時進行訪談。以今天來說,我必須面對分別代表四個地區 (新加坡、香港、中國內地與馬來西亞 ﹣台灣的部份,今天稍早已經做完了)的媒體記者團。每組人被分配到大概45分鐘左右的時間。加減乘除算一下,你們就可以了解,事實上我必須連續講三個小時的話,而且經常是重複自己說過的話。尤其當你既餓又咳的時候,更是難以聚精會神。過程中有幾次我的嗓子突然變得很緊而讓我說不出任何話來。提醒你們注意的,這個時候,我的周圍同時會有其他人在講話,在吃飯,在拍照,甚至走來走去,而我必須將注意力完全集中在記者提出的問題以及我試圖表達的重點。這些訪問結束之後,我們還得進行一些電視節目訪問作個總結。我們大概在午夜12點結束工作,這時候我的腦海裡已經是一片空白了。 當我們的車駛離時代廣場的停車場時,我發現有些歌迷還站在外面等我。悲傷難過的情緒突然然湧上心頭,因為這時的我並沒有辦法停下來跟他們講講話。歌迷們通常會誤以為這種情形是因為他們的藝人不在乎他們,其實通常都是因為當時的環境與狀況無法有所互動。我希望你們可以了解,我真的很感激你們的誠意,我也會用我的音樂回報你們對我的愛。

on my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me as i walked through the subway