2007.05.24 123, 我們都是木頭人...

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It’s been ages again since I wrote an entry and I’m sure many of you are wondering, “Where in the world did David go?” Well, here I am and I’ve some great news to share with you.

For the past half year I’ve been working on my film project in various capacities including pre-production, script writing and meeting many friends in the film industry. There is still so much to do and I’ve only scratched the surface of what I need to accomplish to complete this film. I won’t go into detail as to what I’ve been doing in terms of the film but I’ve already begun writing the script to the film which I’m planning on directing next year.

The exciting news that I would like to share, however, is that this year I will be rolling out a new concert tour entitled, “123 我們都是木頭人“ which loosely translated in English would be “123 We are all Wooden Men”. This is a brand new show with a new rundown, program and concept. Without giving too much away, I can say this will be a more visually driven show though musically I’m going for a more straight-ahead yet funkier sound. It’s a bit difficult to describe though, hopefully, it’ll all make sense once you watch the show in it’s final form.

There will be quite a few changes to the lineup of the band though Goh Kheng Long will still act as music director and bandleader. We’ve just finished re-arranging the songs for the show and I can’t wait for you to hear them in their new incarnations. About 80% of the songs from my repertoire have been re-thought for this show so you can be sure that they not resemble what you heard in the Soul Power and Love Can tours. This is an entirely new and fresh production.

The concept of this show revolves around a children’s game which is also known as “Red Light, Green Light” in some countries. However, unlike in a game, we are often not in control of our lives and life, in general. Another key theme in the show is the importance of simplicity and the need for us to be more human in this very technological age. With each tour, I’m always working on trying to simplify things, which is actually more difficult than an additive process. Another thing I’m also constantly trying to achieve is give each song more meaning using staging and visual elements. To make a production both visually and musically more complicated by adding flashy gimmicks is actually easier than making things simple. The objective for my production team and I has always been to make things relevant rather than just providing eye and ear candy.

Musically, this show has a very different sound and character compared to both Soul Power and Love Can. My musical director, Kheng Long, and I approached the rearrangement of the songs not for change’s sake but to see if there were alternate “personalities” within the songs that could be released. This may sound very abstract but if you imagine songs akin to human personalities then you will understand how it’s possible to “unlock” different intrinsic traits and personalities with songs and melodies. This can be a very nebulous and unpredictable process but if it works then the results are very rewarding, as in our case. What we wanted to avoid was to force an identity on a song by merely making it Latin Jazz, Rock or some musical style. Instead, what we did was listen to each song and melody very carefully taking into consideration all the elements and then allowing “it” to speak to us. We tried to work more organically than ever before without any preconceived notions on how each song would sound or what new “style” we’d give it. The end result would often pleasantly surprise us and that’s what we hope will make this show different and very exciting for you.





還有個令人興奮的消息,我想跟大家分享的。今年我會啟動全新的巡迴演唱會,名為【123 我們都是木頭人】,直接翻為英文大概就是 “123 We are all Wooden Men”。這次的演唱會將會是全新的節目內容與概念。我先不透露太多,但我敢說這將是一個更具視覺效果的演唱會,音樂則會呈現出更為直接而充滿律動的聲音質感。這有點難以形容,但我希望當你們最後看到這場演唱會的時候,你們就會了解其中的含意。

這次的樂手將有些許變動,但是吳慶隆老師仍然是演唱會的音樂總監及團長。我們已經完成了演唱會的編曲,我迫不及待地希望你們可以趕快聽到這些全新形態的樂曲。為了這次的演唱會,我大概將80% 的作品重新設計。可想而知的,你這次聽到的歌將截然不同於之前的【Soul Power】跟【就是愛你】演唱會。這將是一場嶄新製作的演唱會。


在音樂上,這次演唱會的聲音特性跟之前的【Soul Power】跟【就是愛你】有極大的差異。我的音樂總監 – 慶隆 – 跟我之所以要重編這些作品,並不是為了改變而改變,我們主要是想發掘這些作品可能存在的另類「個性」。這聽起來有點抽象,但如果你將「歌曲」想像成「人」的話,你就會了解歌曲及旋律是可以被「釋放」出不同的本質特徵與性格。對我們來說,這個過程可能是非常模糊且難以預料的,但只要成功了,這一切絕對是值得的。我們避免只是用拉丁爵士、搖滾或其他特定的音樂風格來強化歌曲的辨識度。我們的做法是仔細聆聽歌曲及其旋律,思索所有的元素,然後讓「它」自己跟我們說話。我們試著比以前更有系統地創作,我們不事先設想每一首歌該有哪種聲音質感或要讓它變成哪種新「風格」。最後的結果卻總是讓我們感到驚喜,而這正是我們期待給你的感覺 – 一場不一樣且令人興奮的演唱會。


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on my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me as i walked through the subway